An Immersive Experience

The Miami University Investment Banking Club provides students real-world exposure to the world of Wall Street. Using industry speakers and supplemental learning, members gain experience on pitching stocks, due diligence, and investment banking valuation techniques.

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What We Provide:

Technical Development

MUIBC utilizes a multi-faceted approach to educating its members about investment banking and the granularity of the tools used such as accounting, valuation, and financial modeling through alumni mentors, technical workshops, and one-on-one guidance.

Professional Development

MUIBC helps prepare its members to take advantage of unparalleled recruiting opportunities through private recruiting events, invite-only office visits, and alumni mentoring. MUIBC members have gone on to join the top finance firms in the world.

A Commitment to Excellence

The investment banking realm and the recruiting process therein, are constantly changing. As such the vision of MUIBC is a function of the banking world. As the recruiting process differs among firms, we need to tailor our product to each individual bank. There is however one central vision. This vision is to continually pursue new avenues, constantly creating more networking opportunities and to gain valuable experience in something that interests us all.

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Admission is highly selective and applications are currently open to freshmen and sophomores.

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Recruit From MUIBC

For investment banks and other financial institutions, MUIBC provides a pre-vetted roster of candidates to fill junior job openings.

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